Plowshare Media is proud to announce the third mystery

novel written by Pamelia Barratt, released December, 2013

Gray Dominion

    Sylvia and Kath, two active, gray-haired women, one a widowed artist, and the other a mildly autistic intellectual, put down their paint brush, binoculars, and guidebook projects to investigate mysterious happenings in Yellowstone Park. Along the way, they encounter the deep conflict that exists in the park between preservation and public access, since humans have supplanted the gray wolf as top predator of the domain. They, their friends and family, become embroiled in the local controversies between individual liberty and balancing the ecosystem, while the overlapping dominions of state, federal, and local agencies further complicate matters, forcing them to contend with the authority of young park rangers, the local sheriff, and the FBI to solve a murder conspiracy that leads all the way to the governor’s mansion.

 What people are saying about it:

“Among skullduggery, murder, and romance, I learned a great deal about many birds, elk, fish, and most importantly, about the gray wolves of Yellowstone.”  

—Susan Allen Toth, author of Blooming, Ivy Days, England For All Seasons, and other memoirs. 

“...Barratt has written a story combining a fascinating blend of the history, animals, and natural wonders of Yellowstone Park with a frightening tale of poaching, murder, and the ruthless political world of the Northwestern states surrounding the park. You will be both entertained and educated!”  

—Carol Galante, San Diego Mystery Club 

“...reading Gray Dominion made me feel like I was back in Yellowstone. The story is filled with the characters, places, and wildness that makes it such a special place.”

—Ed Bangs, former coordinator of wolf recovery, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

“Those who love Yellowstone and are concerned about the fate of the wolves there will find this book full of interesting information, detailed descriptions of the place, and a mystery that brings to life the problems the wildlife face there.”   

 —Claudia Dixon, author

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