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The Unfolding Discovery of the Truth of Our Being

by Dr. Donald Vessey

The Discovery of Our True Being

From the author of Soul Work: A Daybook of Encouragement and Guidance for the Spiritual Journey comes a book that offers a systematic approach to spirituality based on contemporary understanding of the human condition. It combines eastern spiritual practices and western psychology in a systematic process of uncovering our True Self. We need only look at small children to see that when we come into this world, our birthright is pure Goodness. Toddlers radiate love, joy, curiosity, compassion, will, creativity, and more. But as we grow, we develop an ego that then accumulates layers and layers of rigid conditioning. We become a false self that is inauthentic and often neurotic. We become what society wants us to be, and are not anchored in anything real that provides ultimate meaning. While this ego development is necessary in order to learn how to survive in the world, we pay a heavy price for this—we are cut off from our Divine attributes by these layers of conditioning.

The spiritual path outlined in this book is a way to realize our connection to our Divine endowment and live a life of joy, love, compassion, authenticity, clarity, wisdom, and meaning. It entails the use of western psychodynamic knowledge to support eastern meditative practices in a process of working through our layers of contraction to recover our Essential Being—our True Self. The melding of these methods results in a unique approach to spiritual work that has been found to be helpful to many people. It is offered to spiritual seekers as a sound path to learning how to be what we truly are—Divinely endowed.

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